Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists


The Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists (SCPT) is the organization that regulates physical therapists in Saskatchewan. All physical therapists practicing in Saskatchewan must be licensed to do so by the SCPT.

The Physical Therapists Act, 1998 provides the legislative authority for the SCPT to regulate and license physical therapists and describes the manner in which complaints against licensed physical therapists are managed.

The mandate of the SCPT is to protect the public by ensuring competent, safe and ethical practice by physical therapists in Saskatchewan.

The SCPT fulfils this mandate by:

  • Setting entry to practice and ongoing registration requirements.
  • Setting bylaws, standards of practice and ethical conduct expectations for physical therapy practice.
  • Setting ongoing competency requirements to ensure quality care throughout the career-span.
  • Managing complaints about physical therapists in Saskatchewan.
  • Providing physical therapists with resources to support their ability to practice competently, safely and ethically.

History of SCPT