General Registration Information

If you wish to practice as a Physical Therapist in the Province of Saskatchewan, you must be licensed by the Saskatchewan College of Physical Therapists (SCPT). This information is available in the Physical Therapists Act, 1998, Sections 17 through 20 as well as in Regulatory Bylaws Sections 3 through 16. Please see below for the types of licenses that can be held with the SCPT.

If you plan to practice in another province, you will have to obtain a license in that jurisdiction. You can contact them directly (there are links to their websites available under the Related Links – Provincial Colleges section of the PT Resources tab). If you encounter problems, please contact SCPT and we can work with you.

Types of Licenses

Restricted License  

Full Practice License  

Academic License  

Temporary License  

Extended Access License  

Professional Corporation Permit