Annual Individual License Renewal

All SCPT licenses must be renewed annually on or before February 28. Any renewals received after February 28 will be subject to late fees, licenses will lapse as of March 31 and a reinstatement fee will be charged after that time.

Please login to your profile and click on the Membership Renewal button. Please click this link to view the full renewal tutorial document.

Please ensure you have the following requirements available in order to complete your renewal:
  • current liability insurance
  • practice hours from previous calendar year
  • a renewal fee of $500 or $125 if non-practicing
  • complete Jurisprudence Questionnaire
Please update your member profile as needed.  It is important and your responsibility to ensure your mailing address, email address, telephone number and employer information is all current.

The SCPT will be implementing rostering for specialized procedures in 2022, as such, it would be beneficial to upload any certification documents you may have during renewal this year.